A60LF - the Covert Ressurrection of Nazi-Germany on 20.April 1949 The Problem: the NapoleoNAZI of the FOUCHE-ism. The Solution: a 3OLICE or 3OLIZEI by people, who do not mistreat others - because they live in a Friendship FAMILY With the Speech by the German national and socialist Kurt Schumacher "Jetzt hei├čt es: Fest Bleiben!" ("fest" or "Fascists"?), demanding a Prussian-Power Post-Nazi-Germany on the 20.04.1949, the 60.th Birthday of Adolf Hitler, the FinalFascism of www.nsKbrd.de was started. People rebuilding Nazi-Germany have to be considered as War-Criminals according to the Laws from before the introduction of the German Basic Law "GrundGesetz" - and the first Law of Criminal special StGB80 (AngriffsKrieg) has to be applied. We want to warn that the De-Nazification of Germany most likely failed and with the Hamburg-based Kaiser-Nazi ("Al-Kaida") Attack of the 11.September the Renewal of "Kristall-Nacht" started World War III most liklely of the 3rd push for world dominance of Prussian-Protestant Power. Please do some study on Schumacher,..: Den GrundGesetz-Staat kann man mit 3OLIZEI aufbauen. (c) Salomon Zotter. Email: firstname at lastname dot com